Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian – Rick Riordan

I read this book for the Pokemon Journey Readathon to fulfil the prompt Lance which was a book with a mythical creature in it.

This is the final book in the (main) Percy Jackson series so I won’t say much about it as I don’t want to spoil it.

I really enjoyed this book and I felt like it was a fantastic finale to a fantastic series. This series has really made me want to dive more into the world of fantasy

5/5 stars

Annihilation – Jeff Vandermeer

I read this book for the Pokemon Journey Readathon for the prompt Agatha which was a thriller.

This book follows the biologist on the 12th expedition into area X. Area X is a mostly unknown area that holds a host of unsolved mysteries.

I really enjoyed this book, everything about it was perfect.

We never learn the names of the characters as they do not share their names with each other as it is not deemed necessary to them. I think this adds to the eerie factor of the book as theres a huge disconnect which I feel causes a lack of trust between the characters.

Everything about this books writing is amazing, I’ve never felt so creeped out and unsettled reading a book and it was an impressive thing to feel just from words on a page. I’ve had emotional responses to books before but never to this extent.

This book was truly amazing and anyone who likes horror and thrillers should read this book!

5/5 stars

Snow White and Restaurant at the End of the Universe

I didn’t want to give either of these books their own full blown reviews but I wanted to acknowledge them in blog form.

I read Snow White for the prompt Loreli and Restaurant at the End of the Universe for the prompt Bruno for the Pokemon Journey Readathon.

I don’t have anything to say about Snow White, it’s a fairy tale. I didnt have any particular feelings about it.

Restaurant at the End of the Universe was a bit of a disappointment for me. I found it pretty boring. I found that it felt like Adams was trying to hard to be nonsensical.

Clockwork Prince – Cassandra Clare

I read this book for the Pokemon Journey Readathon for the prompt Giovanna which was a book over 400 pages.

This is the second book in The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare. It follows the residents of the London institute on their mission to find the Magister.

I’m really enjoying this series but I feel like the love triangle was so unnecessary to the story. I feel like this book could’ve been 100 pages shorter if there wasn’t this whole will they won’t they between Tessa and both Will and Jem.

I love the action and magic in this series and find it such a fun series to read. I would prefer it so much more without all the romance but the action and plot is excellent.

4/4 stars

Such A Fun Age – Kiley Reid

I read this book for the Pokemon Journey Readathon to fulfil the prompt Sabrina which was a book you heard about online

This book is about a babysitter called Emira who babysits for the wealthy Chamberlain family. It follows her after an incident at a grocery store where she is accused of kidnapping the Chamberlain’s daughter.

This book was an amazing, important read that deals with so many real issues. Obviously from the description we know it covers racism but it also looks at manipulation and white saviour complexes.

This book speaks volumes and has such important messages to get across people will always want to stick there noses in other peoples business and don’t consider the impact that will have on those people. It really got me thinking what would I have done in that situation and it’s really quite scary to think about.

This book made me think about how lucky I am being white passing mixed race, I have to deal with a fraction of the issues my family have to deal with, I don’t worry about being in danger because of the colour of my skin, I am thankful for that but shouldn’t have to be, no one should be in danger just because they’re black.

This book was an incredible read and I think it should be read by everyone as it’s a very easy to read book that deals with issues that need to be spoken about.

5/5 stars

Before The Coffee Gets Cold: Tales from the Cafe – Toshikazu Kawaguchi

I read this book for the Pokemon Journey Readathon for the prompt Blaine which was a book set in a different country. I originally planned to read The Book Theif for this prompt but when I got a text telling me my preorder of this book was ready to pick up yesterday I decided to read this one instead.

This book is the sequel to Before the Coffee Gets Cold. It follows another 4 stories of visitors to the cafe.

I loved this book just as much as the first one, I really enjoy the atmosphere of the cafe, it feels cozy to read about.

I love the consistency of the rules of time travel, there is a strict set of rules that are unchanged through the books which makes it feel somewhat logical even though the characters are doing the impossible.

I love this book so much and I can’t wait for the next one to be translated so I can visit the cafe all over again.

5/5 stars

City of Fallen Angels – Cassandra Clare

I read this book for Becca’s Becca’s Bookopoly Readathon and the Pokemon Journey Readathon. For the Pokemon Journey Readathon this fulfilled the prompt of Misty which was a book with blue on the cover and it fulfilled the prompt of a sequel for the Bookopoly Readathon.

I honestly don’t know where I stand with this book. It felt like all the characters were doing stuff and loads was happening while also feeling really slow and like nothing was happening. I did enjoy the reading experience though and read it fairly quickly.

I feel like there was a lot supposed to be happening character wise but I feel like it was too much for one book so it all ended up falling short as a result.

I did enjoy the plot and the story and I am looking forward to continuing the shadow hunter books but I can definitely say this isn’t a favourite in the series.

3/5 stars

Beneath the Sugar Sky – Seanan McGuire

I read this book for the Pokemon Journey Readathon for the gym battle Koga, to fulfil the prompt of magic.

This is the 3rd book in the Wayward Children series and this one felt like a bit of a change from the usual in this series. The first two books focused on individual experiences in their magical worlds where as this book is more of an adventure through different worlds.

This review will contain spoilers for the first book Every Heart a Doorway

This book starts off with Rini landing in a pond, Rini is Sumi’s daughter who has come to bring Sumi back to Confection as Rini is disappearing as she hasn’t been born yet. Only to find out that Sumi is dead so they have to venture through different worlds to bring her back.

I liked that this book took us to different worlds and we got to experience worlds we’ve heard about in more depth.

5/5 stars

Brokeback Mountain – Annie Proulx

I read this for the Pokemon Journey Readathon to fulfil the prompt of a book set mostly outside to defeat Erika’s gym.

This is a gay erotica romance novel between 2 closeted cowboys. I almost never read books that are heavy on the sex, I think I stopped reading it when I stopped reading fan fiction as I associate the 2 in my mind.

This book was a nice easy read and had a good story. I haven’t got a huge amount to say because how can you review a 55 page book without it all being spoilers.

4/5 stars

Jaws – Peter Benchley

I read this book for Becca’s Bookopoly Readathon as my boom with nature on the cover and for the Pokemon Journey Readathon to fulfil the gym LT Surge.

I got recommended this book a few weeks before writing my TBR for this month so it was in my head and having it fit on both TBRs really helped.

In case you don’t know what Jaws is about (though I’m sure 99% of people do) it’s about a great white shark killing people at a seaside town. The film is iconic, though I’ve never seen it, but from the things I’d heard about the film I was expecting a trashy jump scare thriller and I was truly surprised by this book.

I was expecting all jump-scares and no storyline when I picked up this book but there was actually a huge amount of character development and character driven sub plots. The characters weren’t flat with no backstory, they were developed and felt quite real.

I quite enjoyed this book and now I suppose I’ll have to watch the film some time soon.

4/5 stars